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tv   Hardball Weekend  MSNBC  December 19, 2010 7:00am-7:30am EST

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consequences of his crime, horace has a change of heart and agrees to appear on camera. >> it's something that didn't have to happen and never should have taken place. we're all grown men and we should have worked our problems out, you know? talked them out, instead of resorting to something like that. >> just in time for christmas. let's play "hardball."
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i'm chris matthews from washington, d.c. leading off, the democrats. for weeks, democrats were taking heat for the tax bill. the president sits atop the middle ground. does this give advantage as he begins his third year in the presidency. a man on the right says it can and it does. the president about to chalk up another win that would convince some of those on the left. there's a real chance that don't ask don't tell will be repealed this year. the senate may now have the votes to join the house and toss out the law this weekend. was it obama's call on taxes to change the taxes that begin this law. a few political whoppers. this year is no different. the reader's polaceked by the fact kekers at politico-facts. why would he get a vip membership to her club. a weird case of mistaken
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identity twice. check out the side show. and how the critics may have gotten it wrong about the president. president obama's big comeback. eugene robinson is a columnist. howard fineman is with the huffington post. gentlemen, i got one of the flash news flashes i have to report upon getting it. michelle bachwood of minnesota has been named to the intelligence committee. what genius thought this was the perfect match? >> i have no comeback. that speaks for itself. >> okay. let's go to the higher ground, let's go to the president today. in the signing ceremony, i thought it was interesting that speaker pelosi was absent. >> does that tell you went low profile on purpose? what did you say? >> low profile on purpose. she did, after all, in the end facilitate the passage of the --
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>> sets the schedule. >> sets the schedule. didn't want to go pedal to the metal. >> in 1984 when the democrats could have wiped out 49 states, remember mondale. speaker o'neal took a back seat for a couple of months there. it may be, sometimes it's smart for leaders after a bad whipping to step down from the profile bit a little while. >> nancy pelosi was pretty invisible in the last couple of weeks? >> yeah. >> it's paradox call that she insisted on keeping the role of the leader. nobody challenged her in the end. she disappeared. >> very smart politically, whatever the role has been. i'd logically, you might question perhaps in forcing the people in top seeds to vote for legislation which croaked them. >> i agree. burr more important what it means about her is what it means about obama. the fact she wasn't there. the symbolism of it today means
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going forward in the next couple of years, a all of the action, if there's going to be any, is going to be in the freelancing president. >> transactional president. >> off from the base, trying to deal with the republicans. >> here's president obama this afternoon at the bill signing. let's watch a bit of it. let's listen. >> now, candidly speaking, there are some elements of this legislation that i don't like. there's some elements that members of the party don't like, there's some elements that republicans here today don't like. that's the nature of compromise -- yielding on something each of us cares about to move forward on what all of us care about. >> what's the fred rogers deal. he's explaining such a thing. it's like somebody in the modern school now. you get to use the toys for ten minutes, then junior, he gets to use it for ten minutes. >> stay in the neighborhood.
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>> right. right. >> compromise -- >> the key phrase there in that whole thing is that republicans here today, here they are -- keep your friends close and your enemies closer. they're now come police it. >> therefore. >> therefore it's harder for them to whale on him. >> here's the president talking about down the road ahead how the bill signing could affect future developments. let's listen. >> there will be moments, i'm certain, over the next couple of years in which the holiday spirit won't be as abundant as it is today. moreover, we've got to make some difficult choices ahead when it comes to tackling the deficit. in some ways, this was easier than some of the tougher choices we're going to have to make next year. >> when ever you say -- i wouldn't talk about the president. your reaction to this --
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subjectively in his heart, he's a happy man this weekend. that cute smile we all love, that wonderful boy smile of his he gave us after he made a crack about the holiday spirit, i haven't seen that in months. >> he seemed like a happy guy there. he endorses compromise, negotiated it, endorsed it. guided it through. he's a happy guy. he believes, the white house believes that all of the potential outcomes, this tends to -- this is the best for the economy of anything that's doable. it's more likely to set him up well for 2012. and the distance he established. >> schwarz is there. >> yeah. >> one of the interesting things about the first time she stepped next to mcconnell, here's charles by the man of the right saying nice things about president obama having pulled off this compromise if barack
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obama wins re-election in 2012. as is more likely than not, the column reads, historians will mark his comeback as beginning on december 6, the day of the big tax cut deal of 2010. and his stunning tax deal itself. obama is back holding no high card cards. he managed to resurface suddenly not just as a player but deal maker and actor in a high drama. charles, unlike most columnists takes two days to write a column. he may lack your gift one day to write the column, two day -- the second day to get it from 1500 words down to 750. that's how good a writer he is. so those words are carefully chosen by charles. he's anointing a man of the center left. he's a man of the right. >> i'm not sure that's what the white house wants.
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>> being in line with charles kraut hammer. >> two in a row. he's a smart guy. >> honest guy too. >> honest guy. he blessed the tax deal last week. he anoints obama as the man to be re-elected. i think it's fascinating that got so much attention. and that the white house was in the position of taking note of that guy. >> bill clinton was left-handed. we can tell you, they're creative. >> helping nothing. >> on the other side of him at lunch. >> look at that smile. there's the happy smile. joe biden. the finance chairman. there's jak lou behind him, the budget director, old pal of mine, current pal as well. sbrelsing. >> if you want to be -- if you're president, you want to sign something -- you want to sign something. you want to have bipartisan support. if you're forced into it, especially, you can tell your left wing you were force in to
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it, you love to give the country $800 billion worth of tax cuts. you worry about the spending cuts after christmas andf new year's. >> and this weekend, you get don't ask don't tell. >> yes. >> which you wouldn't have got, probably, if they had gone around until christmas. >> not only that -- >> is that fair? >> organizing for america, which is the president's off will -- off of the white house organizing group has been working the don't ask don't tell issue very, very hard. >> group hug. >> organizing for america. >> yeah. >> but that guy wrote that column this morning in t"the washington post" said the president is not using that group enough. >> the successor to the campaign. my point is, he disappointed the left wing of his own party on taxes here. they didn't want this tax bill. but he's going to give them something on the cultural front, which is if he can, the repeal of don't ask don't tell. the president's own political organization is working on this very hard. they were silent on the tax bill. >> suppose -- >> you -- >> remember the super man movies
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where they roll back history in time for 24 hour. >> yeah. >> exactly the point. if -- if the -- the left, the progressive left, had he said, i'm with you guys? had he gone right to the mat. right through christmas and new year's, no tax cut. the tax is going up. no d.a.t.e., no new start. no dream-mac, are we there to say, hooray. blame them for that. that's the question about presidents per se. are they always critical. >> a lot of them. some of them would have had apparent victories. but the time to go to the mat was before the election. he should have done it. >> that's lots of signs that the economy is improving right now. on the top level, not for the unemployed at this point. the fact -- >> what are the $2 trillion like corporate america sitting on right now.
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>> that's what the president was talking about in the blair house the other day. they needed this bill so as not to get in the way of the movement going on. >> the best meeting with business people that's been in two years now. >> low bar. there weren't any good ones until now. >> thank you. >> you say it was a good meeting. you say it was a good meeting. howard fineman. putting the point on there. eugene robinson. the repeal of don't ask don't tell could become reality. after all, who would have believed this one was going to happen. all of the new republican senators have seen the light. sometimes debate matters. sometimes you have relatives, friends, turn out to be gay. you're looking out for people you never thought you'd look out for. i think human development is going on here on the issue of dx
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that's very good.
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welcome back to "hardball." house democrats passed the repeal of "don't ask don't tell" this week, the senate has the votes necessary to end the ban on open service by gays in the military. a senate vote is expected on saturday. tomorrow, it's finally getting done. democratic center kirsten guillen brand. one of the real stars from the united states senate from the empire senate herself. an issue that would make you
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happy. >> this is one of the most corrosive policies we could have as a government. it undermines our integrity and armed services as a nation and it goes to the heart of who we are. in this policy, we've lost 13,000 personnel, 4% of our foreign language speakers and 400 in critical areas we can't replace. we need all of our best and brightest in fighting two wars and terrorism, you know, all around. this is something we really need to repeal. >> foir ur republicans are join us now. collins, olympia snowe, scott brown, and murkowski won that write-in race. what do you think turned this in to something of a bipartisan push. i heard this rumor. i love it if you can tell me it's true. where it's out, once this comes to a vote and you pass the 60 mark for getting to a vote, to get cloture, then you're going
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to have a lot of republicans jump on the bandwagon. >> that would be fantastic. i would be delighted to welcome all of those republicans to be among those that believe this is a corrosive policy that has to to be repealed. over time, people's views have changed and people realize now this is also about military readiness, that fundamentally, we need all of the men and women serving because we've lost so many. think of the countless number of people who haven't joined the services because of this policy. i think there are a lot of issues that play here. for my part, it's the civil rights march of our generation. it's about equality, equal rights, civil rights. these men and women, they want nothing than to serve this country and are told they can't based on who they love. that is not who we are as americans. >> let's take a look at what senator john minnesota mccain said, a golden ohlde speaking of age differences. let's listen.
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>> the day the leadership comes to me, and says, we should change the policy. the leaders are the ones we give the responsibility to. >> he said that. he said in fthe military thought it ought to be changed. let me asked you on that. senator schumer, the first senators from new york. the health issue. what is the health crisis facing people involve in dealing with the initial horror of 9/11. >> as you remember, chris, these are the first responders. running up the tower when everybody else was coming down. they went through the pile day in and day out. the toxins that were released from the towers were so awful and horrific, they're dying of cancer and other terrible diseases because of the health effects of these toxins. >> what's going happen? a few days left of this session.
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is it going to get done? >> it is going to get done. we're going to have a vote. an up or down vote on the 9/11 health bill and i think we'll have the republican support we need now to pass that bill. what i'm looking for is a christmas miracle. i believe that people of goodwill can come together and stand behind the first responders. >> please come back to hardball often. merry christmas to you and everybody in the empire state. let's turn now to u.s. congressman jerry paulus, a democrat from colorado. congressman, thank you for joining us. the people tell me it's the first openly gay person to be elected as such. you didn't come out afterwards. let me ask you about the whole question of dealing with this issue of open service. are we going to get there? >> absolutely. we should have gotten there 20 years ago. this issue is going to meet with a collective sigh when it's done. >> 70% of the military want this change. they don't see a problem in it. but then you see the guys in the
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fighting -- the women union inn the fighting units of the ma reeb -- ma reaps and the army. what do you make of that? >> one of the reasons the poll was done so well, what would you think? would you be worried. and are you serving with somebody who's gay? many thought they were and they didn't have a problem with it. when the problems are hypothetical, they're not real. >> i was surprised by it. it's not the characature older generation people have. five out of six gay people serving in the military even if they're allowed to come out to use the common term, if they were able to serve openly as gay people, they wouldn't make a statement. they would go along in effect with the way it is now. they wouldn't make a statement about their identity. >> who goes around making a statement. you don't wear a sign that says if you're gay or straight. if it comes up with your
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friends, your partner is the same sex, they find out if you're gay or not. it's not what you go around declaring. a strange way to look at it. i certainly don't. >> you're so cool. thank you very much. the new generation. sir, i salute you. thank you for your service. up next, what did newt gingrich did do do to win himself a lifetime membership. it was a mistake, although he deserves credit for this mistake. check out "the side show" next. you're watching "hardball" on msnbc.
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back to "hardball" now. the side show first. the zipper club? bill clinton and larry king are both members. don't get the wrong idea. unscripted exchange between last
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night's final edition of "larry king live". >> and i'm really glad to see you here and still up and going. >> we're both in the zipper club. by the way, you looked very good last weekend at the briefing room in the white house. the suits want me to remind us what the zipper club is. if you had open heart surgery, you're a member of the zipper club. >> i did not get that. >> you didn't. >> ryan, do you have any questions for the president. >> i'm glad you clarified that. >> i see what you mean. >> oh. >> oh. >> well, it's proof that larry king live really was live. next, reality bites. needled sarah palin on kate gosselin. watch the mama grizzly head back at bill. >> is that presidential? can you -- you and kate gosselin in a forest?
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people would say, you know, look, it doesn't elevate the governor -- the former governor of alaska. and you would say -- >> oh, i'm sorry i'm not so hotty totty and i don't do this before i make a statement or endorse a person or -- >> you would appoint gosselin to a cabinet position in washington. >> what do you think? >> giving you a little jazz, governor, you know how i am. >> bill o'riley thinks he doesn't have what it takes to run the most powerful country in the world, and he shows it. the entrepreneur of the year award which offered the contributors to the pac to dallas-area's don rizos. she's the business owner but also the owner of "the lodge," a topless strip club. they didn't realize the nature of her business and rescinded the award, returned her contribution, and disinvited her from the awards dinner.
7:27 am
one year later, the packet sends the membership card and once again asks for a political donation. in a show of goodwill, she's responded by sending newt a vip membership? her strip club. for tonight's big number. congressman for rhode island, next month will be the end of a huge era in american politics. how long has the member of the kennedy family been in federal office? 63 years -- as long as i can remember. 63 years of history, washington with patrick kennedy's. tonight's big number. that's "hardball" for now. up next, "your business." i couldn't conceive this as a heart attack.
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